How to reinstall the OS of the VPS from SolusVM

Here is a simple guide with images that show how to easily do a reinstallation of the OS on your VPS using SolusVM.

First make sure to log into SolusVM using the credentials you were provided with when you ordered your VPS, if you do not have valid credentials you will need to submit a ticket and a member of our support group will be happy to assist.

Once you've logged into SolusVM it will look similar to the image below, so go ahead and click on ‘Manage’ :

 Reinstalling OS in SolusVM

On the next screen click on reinstall:

 Reinstall OS in SolusVM

Next, select the OS you want to install, scroll down to the bottom and click on reinstall :

 Reinstall OS in SolusVM

You will be prompted to provide confirmation:

 Reinstall OS in SolusVM


Once you’ve confirmed this step the installation will begin, if you chose Linux the root password will be provided on the next screen, if you chose Windows then the administrator password for a remote desktop connection will be shown on the next screen (username is administrator), just make sure to wait at least 10 minutes for the installation to fully complete, Linux takes about a minute or two, but Windows may take a little longer:

 Reinstalling OS in SolusVM

If you were able to connect via SSH or RDP, then you're done and do not need to continue to the next steps.

For some Windows installation, if a password isn't shown here then you need to set an administrator password to then be able to access it via RDP, for this you first go to VNC:


Then choose HTML5 VNC Client:


By now you should have been able to install an operating system on your server, if you have additional questions or doubts related to this, feel free to submit a ticket to our Support Group.

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